Sungtin for Women T-Strap Mary Platfor Jane Shoes School Uniform Choice $28 Sungtin for Women T-Strap Mary Jane Shoes School Uniform Platfor Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $28,Sungtin,Platfor,Jane,Shoes,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Mary,/lymphangiomatous1207993.html,T-Strap,Uniform,Women,for,,School $28 Sungtin for Women T-Strap Mary Jane Shoes School Uniform Platfor Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $28,Sungtin,Platfor,Jane,Shoes,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Mary,/lymphangiomatous1207993.html,T-Strap,Uniform,Women,for,,School Sungtin for Women T-Strap Mary Platfor Jane Shoes School Uniform Choice

Sungtin for Free shipping / New Women T-Strap Mary Platfor Jane Shoes School Uniform Choice

Sungtin for Women T-Strap Mary Jane Shoes School Uniform Platfor


Sungtin for Women T-Strap Mary Jane Shoes School Uniform Platfor

Product Description

Sungtin cute dress mary jane shoes are sweet and classic, suitable for women match with dress,skirts and pants,ect.

Classic mary jane shoes are suitable for many different occasions, such as prom,party,club,wedding,shopping,hanging out and daily wear.


Mary Jane Shoes


  • Black
  • Red
  • White

Sweet amp; Classic Design

T-strap Mary Jane


US Size 5.5 (EU/CN Size 35)-----Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 221-225mm---Measurement 225mm

US Size 6 (EU/CN Size 36)-------Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 225-230mm---Measurement 230mm

US Size 7 (EU/CN Size 37)-------Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 231-235mm---Measurement 235mm

US Size 7.5 (EU/CN Size 38)-----Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 236-240mm---Measurement 240mm

US Size 8 (EU/CN Size 39)-------Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 241-245mm---Measurement 245mm

US Size 8.5 (EU/CN Size 40)-----Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 245-250mm---Measurement 250mm

US Size 9 (EU/CN Size 41)-------Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 251-255mm---Measurement 255mm

US Size 10 (EU/CN Size 42)------Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 256-260mm---Measurement 260mm

US Size 10.5 (EU/CN Size 43)----Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 261-265mm---Measurement 265mm

Sungtin for Women T-Strap Mary Jane Shoes School Uniform Platfor

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