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LUXMAX Women Max 41% OFF Lace half Up Gothic Ankle Platform Block Heel Boots Punk

LUXMAX Women Lace Up Gothic Ankle Boots Platform Block Heel Punk


LUXMAX Women Lace Up Gothic Ankle Boots Platform Block Heel Punk

Product description

Outer Material :Synthetic
Inner Material : Manmade
Heel Type : Block heel
Closure Type :Lace up
Toe Style : Closed Toe
Transport Times :7-14 working days

Question amp; Answer :
Q1: What should I do if I have any questions?
A1: Please send the email to tell us your questions first,we will reply you in as soon as possible(except holiday) and attempt to explore the best settlement to help you!

Q2: What should I do if there are any problems with the product?
A2: Please send us an email with the picture of the problem shoes, which can help us to solve the problem exactly in time!

If you want to know more attractive and reasonable price shoes or have any questions,please search: "LUXMAX"

LUXMAX Women Lace Up Gothic Ankle Boots Platform Block Heel Punk

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