Hofert Set Tucson Mall of 2 Brown Lighted Doe with Jingle Standing Fawn and Hofert Set Tucson Mall of 2 Brown Lighted Doe with Jingle Standing Fawn and Set,$86,of,with,/horoscopic1142291.html,2,and,Standing,Hofert,ccmovieshd.com,Jingle,Fawn,Doe,Lighted,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,Brown $86 Hofert Set of 2 Brown Lighted Standing Doe and Fawn with Jingle Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor $86 Hofert Set of 2 Brown Lighted Standing Doe and Fawn with Jingle Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor Set,$86,of,with,/horoscopic1142291.html,2,and,Standing,Hofert,ccmovieshd.com,Jingle,Fawn,Doe,Lighted,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,Brown

Hofert Set Tucson Mall of 2 Brown Lighted Doe with Bombing new work Jingle Standing Fawn and

Hofert Set of 2 Brown Lighted Standing Doe and Fawn with Jingle


Hofert Set of 2 Brown Lighted Standing Doe and Fawn with Jingle

Product description

Warm your heart and home with this decoration. This deer is a perfect addition to a Christmas light display creating a winter wonderland. It is sure to light up your yard and bring in the holiday cheer. Product Features: Lighted mesh fabric standing doe and fawn. Features a spun wire and mesh body. Pre-lit doe with 70 clear lights. Pre-lit fawn with 35 clear lights. Comes with spare lights and fuses. Tan zip ties and stakes included for mounting. Doe and fawn have a brown burlap bow with gold berries. Light and easy assembly required. 33" tan lead cord. UL certified and approved for indoor and outdoor use. 120 volts, 60 hertz, 0.51 amps, 61.2 watts Dimensions:. Doe: 38.5" H x 10" W x 19"L. Fawn: 28"H x 7"W x 16"L Material(s): metal/plastic/glass bulbs/wire/tinsel

Hofert Set of 2 Brown Lighted Standing Doe and Fawn with Jingle


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