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Molten Ranking TOP4 Basketball Official Fashion Certification Competition

Molten Basketball Official Certification Competition Basketball


Molten Basketball Official Certification Competition Basketball

Product description

Brand: MOLTEN(Official authentic, support anti-counterfeiting query)


Weight: 567-650g

Specification: standard 7 # adult ball

Perimeter: 749-780mm

Material: PU material, butyl liner

Applicable venue: cement floor / rubber floor / wood floor

Features: FIBA ​​recognized that the ball is preferably PU material, soft texture, balanced particles anti-skid and wear-resistant

Basketball maintenance:

1. Inflate correctly

Use the special air needle to moisten it and slowly insert it into the ball to inflate it. It is forbidden to inflate directly with a high-pressure air pump. The inflation pressure should be between 7-9 pounds. It cannot be over-inflated. Too full will cause the basketball to deform.

Test method: On a flat hard surface, the basketball falls freely from a height of 1.8m, and the rebound height is between 1.2m-1.4m.

2. Do not touch the water

Avoid playing in watery fields, and avoid playing in the open air when it rains

3. Should not be pressed

Do not kick the basketball or sit on a basketball to rest, forbidden to press the ball with heavy objects.

4. Not to expose long in the sun

After use, wipe the surface of the basketball with a rag. Do not wash with water. Store in a cool, dry place.

5. Degumming treatment

The degumming due to water contact or other reasons requires the use of blended glue for bonding. Do not use 504 glue.

Molten Basketball Official Certification Competition Basketball

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