Large Glass Grapefruit or Orange SALENEW very popular! - Mosser Reamer U Juice Glass,or,Reamer,Orange,-,/fictionistic1142431.html,Large,U,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Grapefruit,-,,Juice,$32,Mosser,Glass $32 Large Glass Grapefruit or Orange Juice Reamer - Mosser Glass - U Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Glass,or,Reamer,Orange,-,/fictionistic1142431.html,Large,U,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Grapefruit,-,,Juice,$32,Mosser,Glass Large Glass Grapefruit or Orange SALENEW very popular! - Mosser Reamer U Juice $32 Large Glass Grapefruit or Orange Juice Reamer - Mosser Glass - U Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Large Glass Grapefruit or Orange SALENEW Very popular! very popular - Mosser Reamer U Juice

Large Glass Grapefruit or Orange Juice Reamer - Mosser Glass - U


Large Glass Grapefruit or Orange Juice Reamer - Mosser Glass - U

Product description

Color:Crown Tuscan - Oranges

Glass Large Juice Reamer - 8 1/4" in length X 2 3/8" in height - Mosser Glass - Made in the USA

Large Glass Grapefruit or Orange Juice Reamer - Mosser Glass - U

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