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3 L Retro Style Oak Wood Red Brandy Bucke Wine Whisky Bargain sale Dealing full price reduction Barrel Keg

3 L Retro Style Oak Wood Red Wine Brandy Whisky Barrel Keg Bucke


3 L Retro Style Oak Wood Red Wine Brandy Whisky Barrel Keg Bucke

Product description

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Wine Barrel
Material: Oak Wood
Liner Material: Aluminum Foil
Color: Spot Black
Capacity: 3L
Applicable Scene: Home, coffee shop, tea house, restaurant, hotel, etc.
Barrel Size:
Height: Approx. 23.5cm / 9.3in
Bottom Diameter: Approx. 16.2cm / 6.4in
Overall Size: Approx. 30 x 19 x 25 cm / 11.8 x 7.5 x 9.8 in
Weight: Approx. 2155g / 76oz

Package List:
1 x Barrel4 x Bracket1 x Faucet

1. Please note that this barrel cannot store beverages and drinks that containing a large amount of gas, such as cola and beer, to avoid the cracking and leaking of aluminum foil liner.2. Please allow 0-2 cm error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.3. Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object. Please take the real one as standard.

3 L Retro Style Oak Wood Red Wine Brandy Whisky Barrel Keg Bucke

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