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Opel GT 1900 AL Eine 55% OFF Sportwagenlegende Wandkalender 20 discount deutsche

Opel GT 1900 AL Eine deutsche Sportwagenlegende (Wandkalender 20


Opel GT 1900 AL Eine deutsche Sportwagenlegende (Wandkalender 20

Product description


Only flying is more beautiful...that was the advertising slogan of the Opel company at that time. The beautiful shape of this legendary sports car still inspires young and old today. Here a beautiful US - version. The oldtimer-photographer Ingo Laue has photographed this great vehicle for you. A calendar that gives a lot of joy all year round and one that makes an oldtimer freak's heart beat faster!

Opel GT 1900 AL Eine deutsche Sportwagenlegende (Wandkalender 20

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