$28,KlickFix,Micro,Sport,Bag,Black,200,Expandable,Bicycle,/cerata1207533.html,ccmovieshd.com,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation $28,KlickFix,Micro,Sport,Bag,Black,200,Expandable,Bicycle,/cerata1207533.html,ccmovieshd.com,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation KlickFix Micro Max 80% OFF Sport 200 Black Bag Expandable Bicycle $28 KlickFix Micro Sport 200 Expandable Bicycle Bag Black Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation KlickFix Micro Max 80% OFF Sport 200 Black Bag Expandable Bicycle $28 KlickFix Micro Sport 200 Expandable Bicycle Bag Black Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

KlickFix Micro Max 80% OFF Sport 200 Black Bag Expandable Long Beach Mall Bicycle

KlickFix Micro Sport 200 Expandable Bicycle Bag Black


KlickFix Micro Sport 200 Expandable Bicycle Bag Black

Product description

Big elegant saddle bag with expandable volume. Equipped with reflector and saddle adapter. An O-ring damper ensures that the bag attaches without play and remains silent even over rough terrain. Wide opening for easy access.

The compact KLICKfix saddle adapter easily attaches to most sport saddles. The accessory locks automatically when slid into the adapter and can be released by pushing one of the red buttons.

KlickFix Micro Sport 200 Expandable Bicycle Bag Black

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