Life Without Plastic Outdoor Camping Set Food 1 Gra with Ranking TOP11 Two for Outdoor,/aclastic641671.html,with,Plastic,Camping,,Food,Two,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Without,Gra,$53,for,1,Set,Life Outdoor,/aclastic641671.html,with,Plastic,Camping,,Food,Two,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Without,Gra,$53,for,1,Set,Life $53 Life Without Plastic Outdoor Camping Set for Two with 1 Food Gra Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $53 Life Without Plastic Outdoor Camping Set for Two with 1 Food Gra Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Life Without Plastic Outdoor Camping Set Food 1 Gra with Ranking TOP11 Two for

Life Without Plastic Outdoor Camping Set Food 1 Gra with Ranking TOP11 Two for Cheap sale

Life Without Plastic Outdoor Camping Set for Two with 1 Food Gra


Life Without Plastic Outdoor Camping Set for Two with 1 Food Gra

Product description

This is a camping set fit for TWO PEOPLE. The Tiffin has two compartments made of high quality, food grade 304, 18-8 stainless steel. Each compartment can be re-heated separately or used as a bowl. It works really well for carrying rice, salad, veggies, sandwich, as long as the contents are not too liquidy (best to keep them upright if carrying a liquid). The compartments are not watertight. The Plate and Bowl and both DOUBLE WALLED that can be used for hot soup or cold ice cream. The Plate also has handy flattened side grips make it easy for children to carry - especially when loaded up with warm food. This single wall stainless steel mug is the perfect alternative to unsafe and disposable plastic/styrofoam party cups. Unbreakable. This is one big mug - you won't go thirsty with this around. The Spork is one of our favorite products! This Spork can fold to fit in your pocket. It features a deep bowl shape and has prongs to grab food. 6” Open, 3.5” when folded. LIFE WITHOUT PLASTIC is committed simply to building awareness about the dangers of plastic and the existence of healthier alternatives for everyday products. Healthier for the Earth, healthier for us all. We are committed to raising awareness about plastic issues by providing solid science-based and experience-based information, and by showing the world, one person at a time, the beauty and significance of a life without plastic. We will NEVER package your products in plastic. We go to great lengths to offer only products that are safe, high quality, ethically-sourced and Earth-friendly. So if you are looking for peace of mind in your purchases, you have come to the right place.

Life Without Plastic Outdoor Camping Set for Two with 1 Food Gra

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