$186,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,ccmovieshd.com,Digital,and,Bench,Comp,Generator,RS-232,Multimeter,/Planorbidae641097.html,with,Function NEW before selling ☆ Bench Digital Multimeter with Function Comp Generator RS-232 and $186 Bench Digital Multimeter with Function Generator and RS-232 Comp Tools Home Improvement Electrical $186,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,ccmovieshd.com,Digital,and,Bench,Comp,Generator,RS-232,Multimeter,/Planorbidae641097.html,with,Function $186 Bench Digital Multimeter with Function Generator and RS-232 Comp Tools Home Improvement Electrical NEW before selling ☆ Bench Digital Multimeter with Function Comp Generator RS-232 and

NEW before selling ☆ Bench Digital Multimeter with At the price Function Comp Generator RS-232 and

Bench Digital Multimeter with Function Generator and RS-232 Comp


Bench Digital Multimeter with Function Generator and RS-232 Comp

Product description

Bench Digital Multimeter with waveform generator and thermometer. It has a large LCD display with white backlight, high contrast, and wide visual angle. It has a dual display: The main display 80000 counts, The secondary display 80000 counts, analog bar 21 segments, with unit amp; function symbols. It has 50 measurement functions including DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, Ohm, CAP, Hz, TEMP, Diode, Continuity and others. The frequency range is up to 80MHz. The standard function generator has 18 waveforms, 1% to 99% Duty cycle, 1800 pcs wave output. The resistance measurement range: 0.01 Ohm - 80 MOhm. The capacitance measurement range is 10PF - 100uF. The temperature measurement Range: -58°F to 2502°F, - 50°C to 1372°C. Photoelectric isolated RS-232 computer interface. AC measurement - High accuracy RMS, Wide measurement AC+DC function. It also has auto data refresh hold.

DCV Range: 80mV/800mV/8V/80V/800V/1000V
DCV Accuracy: ± (0.05%+5)
ACV Range: 80mV/800mV/8V/80V/750V
ACV Accuracy: ± (0.5%+50)
DCA Range: 80mA/800mA/8A/20A
DCA Accuracy: ± (0.2%+10)
ACA Range: 80mA/800mA/8A/20A
ACA Accuracy: ± (0.2%+10)
Resistance Range: 800Ω/8kΩ/800kΩ/8MΩ/80MΩ
Resistance Accuracy: ± (0.3%+10)
Frequency Range: 0.5Hz ~ 6Mhz
Frequency Accuracy: ± (0.05%+2)
Capacitance Range: 1nF/10nF/100nF/1uF/10uF/100uF
Capacitance Accuracy: ± (2.55%+50)
Temperature Range: -50°C~1372°C / -58°F~2502°F
Temperature Accuracy: ± (1.5%+10)
Quadrate Wave Range: 3V / 0.5Hz~5kHz / 1%~99%
Quadrate Wave Accuracy: ± 0.05%

Input impedance: 10
Sampling frequency: 4 times / sec. Analog bar 40 times / sec.
AC frequency response: 40Hz-50kHz
Operation way: Auto range

Bench Digital Multimeter with Function Generator and RS-232 Comp

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